Leo introduces Bill to protect armed forces from spurious legal accusations

Leo said: "The spurious legal pursuit of our armed forces and veterans must end once and for all. That's why this week in the House of Commons I introduced a Bill which would ensure that the UK derogates from the European Convention on Human Rights prior to deploying troops on combat operations. I did this because we need to ensure that our armed forces are protected from legal pursuit and that their resolve and capability to deliver hard fighting power, when needed around the world, is undiminished. The legal pursuit of our soldiers and veterans is a particularly painful chapter in our country’s history and must be urgently resolved."

All the details currently available about this Private Member's Bill, the Armed Forces (Derogation from European Convention on Human Rights) Bill (introduced under the Ten Minute Rule) on Wednesday 9th January 2019, are available here.

You can read the full text from my speech here.