Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus.

A lot of false information about this virus is being shared - it’s very important that you make sure that the information you use comes from a trusted source - all of the information on this page has been sourced from the NHS.

Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives

Everyone must now stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

You should only leave your home for very limited purposes:

  • shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible
  • one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household
  • any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
  • travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home

There is separate advice:


Quick Links

Local Helpline 0300 555 1386: if you need help, or know someone that does

NHS Advice: looking after yourself and others

Travel Advice: if you are abroad, or thinking of travelling abroad

School Closure Adviceif you are a parent/carer, or a student

Government Supportif you're struggling because of coronavirus, you may be entitled to support if you are:

Offering Helpbe that through your business, or by volunteering


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Last Updated 13.04.2020