Leo Docherty MP welcomes Government's move to enshrine record NHS funding boost into law

Leo Docherty MP has welcomed the news that the Conservative Government has delivered on its manifesto pledge to enshrine the historic £33.9 billion funding boost for the NHS into law.

The Funding Bill to enshrine in law an extra £33.9 billion every year by 2023-24 for the NHS to transform care will start its passage through Parliament today. This is the first time any government has placed such a commitment to public services in legislation, ensuring world-class services for millions of patients.

The record funding boost will help to deliver on other manifesto commitments such as delivering 50,000 more nurses and 50 million more GP surgery appointments – in addition to the extra funding that has been committed to build 40 new hospitals and upgrade 20 more.

It will be one of the first pieces of domestic legislation to go through Parliament since this Government took office, placing the NHS top of the domestic agenda.

Commenting, Leo Docherty MP said:

“This People’s Government will focus on the people’s priorities, and if there is one message that came through loud and clear across Aldershot, Farnborough and Blackwater at the General Election, it is that the people’s top priority is our NHS.

“That is why we are introducing legislation to give our NHS a £33.9 billion a year cash injection by 2023-24, the biggest ever in its history. With this we will be able to deliver more doctors and nurses, as well as building more hospitals and ensure that people see results in frontline services.

We know how important the NHS is, and under this Government it will go from strength to strength."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I have heard loud and clear that the priority of the British people is the NHS. Guaranteeing frontline services the biggest cash boost in history is another huge step towards making sure this treasured institution has everything it needs to deliver world-class care.

“There can be no doubting our commitment to the NHS. Putting our record funding commitment into law shows that we will stop at nothing to deliver on the people’s priorities. The Funding Bill will place a legal duty on the Health Secretary to guarantee a minimum level of spending every year, rising to £148.5 billion by 2023/24."

“In the first stage of this historic annual increase, the Government has already injected an extra £6.2 billion since April 2019, following the launch of the Long-Term Plan in January 2019. Crucially, this new Bill will not seek to limit the NHS in deciding how funding is spent and where – a decision that is rightly made by local clinicians for their local populations.”