Leo meets Oberursel Fountain Queen and Rushmoor Twinning Association

Leo said: "I had the great pleasure over the weekend of meeting Anna-Lena Stenz, The Fountain Queen of Oberursel. Oberursel, Germany is one of Rushmoor's twin towns, and she and her father were invited over by the Twinning Association of Rushmoor to continue our strong tradition of civic links with towns throughout Europe. I was also delighted to be presented with a traditional Cider Bembel! Thank you to the Twinning Association for the excellent work they do, and for organising Anna-Lena's visit."

Leo is pictured with Twinning Association Coordinator Alison Boukhobza, Fountain Queen of Oberursel Anna-Lena Stenz and her father Herbert, Mayor of Rushmoor Steve Masterson, Twinning Association Chairman Cllr Veronica Graham-Green, and Cllr Frank Rust