'Thank you!', local MP Leo Docherty celebrates 'Thank a Teacher Day'

'Thank you!', local MP Leo Docherty celebrates 'Thank a Teacher Day'

Leo Docherty MP took the opportunity to thank local teachers across Aldershot, Farnborough, Blackwater and Hawley for their tireless work educating our young people on this year's 'Thank a Teacher Day' on 19th June. 

Leo said: "This ’Thank a Teacher Day’, I pay tribute to teachers across Aldershot, Farnborough, Blackwater and Hawley whose hard work means that more children are gaining the education they need to get on in life. 

118 more schools across Hampshire are now rated good or outstanding than in 2010. These higher standards in our schools will transform children’s chances in life, and are impossible without the work of teachers, teachers’ assistants and support staff who all play an important role in delivering a world-class education for every child.

There can be no great schools without great teachers, and I am consistently struck by the passion and dedication of teachers working in schools across our area – ensuring that all our children can fulfil their potential.

To all our wonderful teachers out there - thank you!"