Leo supports Aldershot Town Football Club's Business Leaders' Lunch

Leo said: "A very productive Shots Business Leaders' Lunch at Aldershot Town Football Club this afternoon, organised by Club Chairman Shahid Azeem. Businesses across the constituency play a vital role in shaping our local communities, and I was pleased to engage with them and hear their views on

Leo welcomes all-time high employment figures

Leo said: "The number of people in work is at an all-time high of 32.53m, with nearly 3.5m more people in work now than when the Conservatives came into office in 2010.

Tonight's Brexit Vote

As you will know, MPs will be voting this evening on the Prime Minister’s draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. The deal has been agreed by the other 27 EU member states and is the product of two years of tough negotiation.

Leo introduces Bill to protect armed forces from spurious legal accusations

Leo said: "The spurious legal pursuit of our armed forces and veterans must end once and for all. That's why this week in the House of Commons I introduced a Bill which would ensure that the UK derogates from the European Convention on Human Rights prior to deploying troops on combat operations.

Leo's Christmas Newsletter 2018

You can read Leo's Christmas 2018 Newsletter here!

Leo said: "I’ve had an incredibly busy and enjoyable few months across Aldershot, Farnborough, Blackwater and Hawley, and in Westminster. If you'd like to be added to my mailing list, please subscribe through the Homepage."

No Need for (Another) People's Vote

There has been a lot of talk today in the House of Commons about a second EU referendum. I am, however, totally opposed to this idea. We had a 'People’s Vote' in June 2016: Leave won the referendum and it is the job of the Government and Parliament to get on and deliver that result. 

Leo meets Junior Leadership Team at Alderwood Senior School

Leo said: I had a wonderfully enjoyable afternoon today at Alderwood Senior School with Executive Headteacher Clare de Sausmarez and the Junior Leadership Team. I thoroughly enjoyed my Question and Answer session with the pupils; there were so many intelligent and thoughtful questions on a range