Leo Docherty MP launches Veterans' Pledge Petition

This petition, in support of The Sun's Veterans' Pledge, urges the Government to legislate to: 

1) create an Office of Veterans Affairs within the Cabinet Office, with a Cabinet-level Minister, to ensure world-class care and support for former Armed Forces personnel;

2) enshrine the Military Covenant into law, so that no veteran or their family should ever face any disadvantage because of their service for this country; and

3) end vexatious investigations into historical allegations against our troops - including in Northern Ireland - to be passed before the next General Election.

If you, like me, support the Veterans’ Pledge, please sign my petition. I will present this petition to Parliament in September and the more signatures there are, the greater the likelihood that the new Prime Minister will take notice and put the Veterans’ Pledge into law.

Every name counts so please sign now and share with your friends and family!


Veterans' Pledge