CAMPAIGN - Building a new, vibrant community at Wellesley

Wellesley is an exciting new community in the heart of Aldershot.

It is one of the largest brownfield regeneration sites in the south east of England and made up of about 150 hectares of development land, plus over 100 hectares of green open space. The development, originally approved back in 2013, will create a sustainable new community in a high quality landscape and contribute to the regeneration of nearby Aldershot Town Centre.

This is a next chapter in our area's rich history, with a large proportion of Aldershot's iconic former military barracks transformed into a collection of homes and public spaces for generations to come. 3,850 properties are due to be built, of which 35% will be affordable - so far approximately 1,100 homes have been completed.

Historic buildings like the Cambridge Military Hospital and Headquarters 4th Division will be preserved and brought back into use as homes and community facilities. 

You can keep up-to-date with the progress of the project here.


Wellesley's new Neighbourhood Centre - February 2023

As plans are drawn up for the Wellesley’s Neighbourhood Centre, I want to hear what types of facility you would like to see at the new heart of your community.

The group of buildings around the former 4th Division Headquarters – the historic centre of the former Aldershot Military Town – at the crossroads of Queens Avenue and Alison’s Road, and directly opposite The Cambridge Primary School, is the Centre’s approved location.

Grainger plc – the Estate’s Development Manager – envisage a convenience store for everyday essentials, a coffee shop, nursery, and outdoor space. They are keen to see facilities that will complement the nearby new playground and ‘Parade Park’ currently under development, but that do not detract from the significant investment currently taking place across Aldershot Town Centre. This will, of course, all be subject to finding suitable operators.

Whilst we await Grainger plc’s initial plans, I want to hear your views. Share with me what you would like to see included in Wellesley’s new Neighbourhood Centre.

This feedback will then be passed on to Grainger plc so they can ensure their plans for the Centre meet your and your family’s needs in the years to come. You can share your ideas by writing to my office direct at 6 Union Street, Aldershot GU11 1EG, or online here:


Wellesley's new Neighbourhood Centre