Helping secure investment in our NHS

A new state-of-the-art Frimley Park Hospital

I am fully backing Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust’s bid to the Government’s New Hospital Programme for £1.26 billion in funding to build a brand new Frimley Park Hospital.

Through working closely with with neighbouring Conservative MPs Michael Gove and James Sunderland, we have been arguing the case for this significant investment to safeguard these crucial local healthcare services for generations to come.  



WATCH: Update on the rebuild of Frimley Park Hospital

Having been involved quite closely in the rebuild of Frimley Park Hospital, Leo was delighted to provide an update to constituents about the progress being made to secure a site. 

You can watch Leo's update above.

NHS launches new Pharmacies First Service

The NHS has launched its' new Pharmacy First services. For the first time ever, community pharmacies in England can offer NHS consultations and supply prescription-only medicines without a prescription from a GP for seven common conditions. 

New Urgent Care Centre opens in Aldershot

Frimley Health and Care are launching a pilot service ready for winter located on the ground floor of the Aldershot Centre for Health, to increase access to same-day urgent care for minor illness. 

Celebrating 75 years of our NHS

The National Health Service (NHS) marks its 75th anniversary today, with events across the country to honour its staff and patients.

NHS cuts longest waits and speeds-up response times

The head of the NHS in England has hailed the ‘great strides’ the health service is making, as new figures show major improvements across long waits, urgent and emergency services, and cancer care.