Why I'm proud of our statues

Why I’m proud of our statues

This week’s media coverage of attacks on our nation’s historical statues has got me thinking. 

This Week's Brexit Votes

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Last Night's Brexit Vote

Last night in the House of Commons I voted for the Brady Amendment to the EU Withdrawal Agreement which was passed by the House by 317 votes to 301.

Tonight's Brexit Vote

As you will know, MPs will be voting this evening on the Prime Minister’s draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. The deal has been agreed by the other 27 EU member states and is the product of two years of tough negotiation.

No Need for (Another) People's Vote

There has been a lot of talk today in the House of Commons about a second EU referendum. I am, however, totally opposed to this idea. We had a 'People’s Vote' in June 2016: Leave won the referendum and it is the job of the Government and Parliament to get on and deliver that result. 

Statement on Foreign Travel

Leo was pleased to speak to Get Surrey today about his foreign travel as a Member of Parliament: